Zuri Head Wrap

Zuri Head Wrap

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Every now and again, we all want to add a pop of color to our wardrobe. Look no further - this piece is sure to do the trick! Vibrant & fun, Zuri adds some oomph to your head wrap life - it'll get you right! Made of 100% Ankara Fabric, this Kente print is perfect for any occasion - any place, any time! Pair this beauty with the outfit of your choice & voila... your look is complete!

Care Instructions: Hand wash in cold water with mild laundry detergent. Do not ring or twist. Hang Dry.

Size: Head Wraps are approximately 2 yards long and roughly 22-25 inches wide. Layers of wax may come on fabric for protection but becomes softer after each wash!

Please note: Earrings are not included