Wrapture of Love

Head Wraps

One day, I, like many others had a "bad hair day". So, what did I do? My creativity kicked in and I reached for a t-shirt. A t-shirt, you ask? Yes, a t-shirt! LOL! With little time to spare, I intuitively began to wrap my hair while creating a look that ignited something new in my already vibrant sense of  fashion. 

Although the t-shirt turned head wrap was an innovative approach, it was short-lived. I needed something more dependable that would give me the look I desired AND the comfort I deserved. Through the years, wearing head wraps became less of a convenient go-to and grew to be one of my favorite, staple accessories. Using that "crazy wrap thing" (a.k.a a t-shirt) to wrap my hair, evolved from a strong like, into an undeniable love & resulted into an unstoppable passion. I'd finally found my passion. I was caught up in the Wrapture of Love. 

Throughout my head wrap journey, not only did I become more skilled with wrapping, I became more in tune with true beauty. The boldness of a head wrap doesn't stop with the exciting colors or the elaborate bows, it actually begins with what it exposes: Me, You... US! Head wraps help you face the day, face first. They're beautiful because of the natural beauty it allows to shine through. Once I discovered this beauty secret, I knew I had to share it with others. I call each of you to behold your truth, unveil your beauty & embrace your Head'n Treasure. 

  • Kendra Darling on

    When I say these “Cupcake” earrings are EVERYTHING!!!! I am so proud of you, HeadnTreasure is definitely going places🥰🥰

  • Palenthia on

    I AM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BLOG! How Amazing and Creative you are! This is so inspirational and encouraging! I am so interested in The Headwear and Headwraps! It’s such a beautiful way to incorporate our cultural essence and originality. I am enjoying my tshirts, tassel earrings, Headwraps and matching masks! I am waiting to rock more gear and accessories!! Great job Marrie!

  • Ashley Roberts on

    I love everything about this! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Keep Shining bright, beautiful!

  • Cedrica on

    What an awesome read! I am so glad you followed your passion and shared it with the world. My hair and I both want to give you a major shout out; Head’n Treasure has kept me from looking crazy on the days my hair wanted to act crazy, lol!

    If you’re rocking, we’re rolling! Can’t wait to expand my collection 🥰

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