Royal Roots Collection

A Black Excellence Month Exclusive. Please see information below to purchase.


Ordering Instructions

1. Choose your fabric from the Royal Roots Collection 

2. Choose style(s): Women's Medi Skirts, Girls' Medi Skirts, Women's Maxi Skirts, Girls' Maxi Skirts, Men's & Boy's Bow Tie & Long Tie (comes w/ Pocket Square), unisex T-Shirts(varies), Women's Loose Fitting Flared Pants w/ Pockets, Masks, Head Wraps & Turbanettes

3. Women & Girls ONLY - If you are ordering skirts or pants, please provide us with ACCURATE measurements of your waist, hips, AND desired lengths for Medi skirts, Maxi Skirts and Loose Fitting Pants w/ Pockets

4. Email us your orders, questions and inquires at: After orders have been finalized through email, you will receive an invoice to make your payment. All items are made specially made to order!